Hi there! My name is Chandler & this is me!

Wife/Cat Mom/Nurse/Photographer/Coffee Lover

My Story

2020 was the year the world around us felt as if it was falling apart, and for many it did. I've always had a creative side to me, but the cards would have nursing become my first love. I fell in love with the need to critically think, help those who are at their worst, and comfort them in their time of need. Pre and mid pandemic, I worked full time as an open heart ICU nurse. As the pandemic went on my job required me to frequently care for COVID patients. Put simply, the burn out was real, and my intuition said it was time for change. After plenty of couch time and soul searching, I rediscovered who I am by realizing there are many ways to do what I love.

So what did I do? I married my best friend in my parent's back yard, became pregnant (followed by an unfortunate miscarriage), and rediscovered my love for photography.

The Miscarriage absolutely broke me. I had to learn to function through the loss, and photography was my way out. While I was struggling to figure out what to do in life, I cleared the dust from my camera and started to build a business. Some things that I have learned along the way include:

  • There are few things that can't be fixed by a well made old fashion
  • A bad cup of coffee does exist
  • Every day is Taco Tuesday

I fear I may have lost you, let me explain. Bad things are going to happen, so find yourself a good cup of coffee and treat every day as if its Taco Tuesday. Physical possessions won't matter once we leave this world, but the memories will.

Some people find happiness in escaping through video games, working out, or listening to music. I find happiness in telling love stories through my photography & giving you memories to look back on forever. Quite simply put -- I love love.

So here we are, welcome to my humble abode. I hope by telling my story you are able to see more than just photos of random people. My goal is for you to see other people's stories. If you love them as much as I do, lets tell your story!